Crown Worldwide Sponsors "Building with Bouma's" to Help Zambia

For several decades, Crown has contributed globally to a broad range of causes and outreach programs. Helping communities worldwide is a part of our company culture. In a continued effort to support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Crown Regional Director of the DACH (Germany, Austria & Switzerland), Jurgen Zyderveld, sponsored a great cause by supporting the foundation, "Building with Bouma’s." on behalf of Crown Worldwide.

Established in 2005, Building with Bouma’s became a foundation dedicated to supporting local projects in small developing countries within the South African region. Over the past few year Building with Bouma’s has assisted in the building of schools as well as the drilling of water wells in Zambia.

Understanding the importance of this foundation's work, its main purpose and dedication, Crown DACH sponsored the larger part of the container transport costs the foundation incurred this year for the delivery of the much needed goods, including school supplies, furniture, etc., to the local people and schools in the region including Zambia. The containers recently arrived in Zambia. The supplies were distributed to the designated sites for immediate use.

Zambia is one of the poorer nations in Africa, with significant health issues including HIV/AIDS. From Wikipedia, about 68% of Zambians live below the recognized national poverty line, with rural poverty rates standing at about 78%. The country's rate of economic growth cannot support rapid population growth or the strain which HIV/AIDS-related issues place on the economy. The country is experiencing an HIV/AIDS epidemic, with a national HIV prevalence rate of 17 percent among adults ages 15 to 49. Crown's support to a variety of educational, health and local, community-based projects throughout the world in the underserved communities such as Zambia and Cambodia is ongoing. 

Learn more about Building with Bouma's please go to the site