Crown Worldwide Johannesburg Supports the Spring of Education Nursery

Crown Worldwide Johannesburg participated in the Spring of Education Christmas Party in Alexandra Township to further support the underserved children of the Spring of Education nursery.  The team returned to the nursery with gifts for the 55 children, delivered by Crown's Operations team member Robert Mogotsi who dressed as Father Christmas. Crown Johannesburg staff in attendance played with the children and treated them to gift boxes filled with coloring books, crayons, candy, snacks and other goodies. 

The Crown Johannesburg team has adopted two children from the program and helped fund their transportation costs to and from the school. Kganya Dola and Gomolemo  Rafap are both four-year-old boys who attend the nursery. Most of the children in the local area are from one-parent families that do not earn enough money to pay for educational and transportation expenses. The Crown team's sponsorship helps make it possible for the children to continue their education. 

The Spring of Education nursery is a day school located in an impoverished township with a long-standing history of economic hardship and political unrest. It has been open for over a decade and is owned and operated by Catherine Mogotsi. The Spring of Education nursery cares for 55 children, up to the age of six years. Crown Johannesburg has been an ongoing supporter of the Spring of Education program and plans to continue their involvement and strengthen their relationship with the children in the years to come.