Crown Worldwide appoints Executive Management Group

The Crown Group has strengthened with the creation of the Executive Management Group (EMG) who will lead the next phase of the company’s strategic growth.

This move will further enhance the Group’s corporate governance as its businesses now operate from 265 locations in some 60 countries.

Crown’s senior leaders have been selected to form the EMG, with a remit to provide strategic leadership in service to the Executive Board, promoting cohesion and collaboration across all of Crown’s divisions and regions. 

The EMG will serve under the existing Executive Board. Together the members of the EMG represent all of Crown’s divisional, regional and business operations, each a recognized leader in their field of expertise. 

The EMG members are (in alphabetical order): 

Commenting on the formation of the EMG, Jim Thompson, Chairman and Founder of Crown Worldwide said: “I’m proud that Crown Worldwide has risen to the challenge of operating on such a large and diverse global footprint. 

“Looking back on that success and the story of how our company rose from humble beginnings in Japan in 1965 has been an important part of our 50th celebrations. However, Crown Worldwide has always been a business that looks forward and I’m confident the formation of this EMG will equip us to achieve our goals over the next 50 years as we continue to innovate in our service delivery to our clients and customers around the world.

“We have put in place a team of highly experienced and talented individuals and I fully expect that each member of the Executive Management Group will make a positive contribution to our future success.”