Crown’s commitment to corporate social responsibility

2017 CSR highlights At Crown, we have just published our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for 2017. This is produced annually as part of our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the largest sustainability initiative in the world. Abiding by its 10 principled ensures our responsibilities towards human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption are always upheld and transparent. 
As well as monitoring, recording and reporting on our CSR activities, we set ourselves ambitious goals annually (see infographic). In 2018 we intend to record 375 CSR activities, reduce paper use to 1.26 reams per employee per office and improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles to 8.95 km/l. Another key initiative for this year is introducing a CSR e-learning course for service partners. This is intended as a way of encouraging alignment with Crown’s CSR ethos. 
At Crown, CSR has always been at the core of the business. From the founding of the company, we have endeavored to support charitable causes, give back to our communities, protect our environment, empower our employees and do business responsibly. In our 2017 Employee Engagement Survey, which was completed by 84 percent of our workforce, 80 percent believed that Crown is serious about making the world a better place. This emphasizes how integral CSR is to our business and how important it is to our employees.  
To support our CSR goals, all Crown employees are provided with two paid volunteering days per year. Our CSR activities range from initiatives to encourage inclusion and diversity, such as the Crown Coronets, a network for women in business, to Crown’s Birthday Gift, where the Crown Foundation donated US$ 50,000 to children’s charities to mark the company’s 50th birthday. 
Rosa Santilli, CSR Manager