Christchurch Construction Jobs Demand Continues

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Christchurch in New Zealand is urgently looking for workers to fill over 23,000 construction jobs as the city battles to rebuild itself following the catastrophic earthquake in 2011.

The city in the South Island of New Zealand was struck by an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale in February 2011. The earthquake killed almost 200 people and damaged thousands of buildings, schools and homes. Since then the city has been undertaking the task of rebuilding its infrastructure and there are dynamic plans in place for a greener, more attractive city, high quality inner city housing areas, a new low rise sustainable Central Business District and a more compact core to the city centre.

As Christchurch now seeks to emerge from the destruction, the demand for construction workers to rebuild the city has never been higher. With around 10,000 homes expected to be built over the next four years – according to Immigration New Zealand – loss adjusters, underwriters, quantity surveyors, carpenters and painters are desperately needed.

Crown Relocations, a leading global mobility and relocation specialist, can help British tradespeople who want to relocate to help rebuild the city. The company provides help for migrants throughout the process, from moving advice, to after care services to ensure that their move and the transportation of their personal belongings goes smoothly.

Tony Vullo, Business Development Manager for Crown Relocations, said: “The process of relocating can be quick if you have the necessary trade skills required - construction in Christchurch’s case.

“Building and construction accounts for a fifth of the employment sector in New Zealand and even though there are 157,000 full-time workers in this sector there’s still a need. Christchurch is on a slow path to recovery because of a skills shortage and although we have seen an ever-growing amount of Brits relocating since the earthquake, now is the right time for people with the right skills who are considering relocating to New Zealand to help rebuild the city.”